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AOBiome Partners with iCarbonX and Secures $30 Million Investment for Drug Development

Funding to Advance Clinical Research on Systemic and Topical Inflammatory Disorders Using Novel Bacterial Platform

Leading microbiome company AOBiome announced it has partnered with iCarbonX, China’s largest health data collection and analysis platform. iCarbonX was founded in 2015 by renowned genomicist Jun Wang, whose iCarbonX ecosystem has made a $30 million investment in AOBiome. The investment reinforces the ascent of AOBiome as a leader in microbiome drug development, and is underscored by the recent launch of its Phase 2 clinical trial employing the company’s novel bacterial platform for treatment of hypertension. This is the second major clinical trial from AOBiome’s portfolio of therapeutic targets for ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB), following the initiation of its acne vulgaris Phase 2B trial last fall. Once deployed, AOBiome’s proprietary AOBs consume ammonia and produce nitrite and nitric oxide, key signaling molecules known to regulate inflammation and vasodilation.

“Modern hygiene practices eliminate AOB’s that humans have co-evolved with. The loss of AOB’s may cause an imbalance in the nitrogen cycle, leading to excess ammonia and deficiencies in nitric oxide and nitrite, contributing to systemic inflammation,” said Todd Krueger, President of AOBiome. “iCarbonX is an ideal strategic partner to help us understand where and how repopulating AOBs has the potential to resolve a broad range of modern diseases and improve systemic health.” AOBiome is advancing a new Germ Theory of Health by reintroducing keystone commensal bacteria to our body’s natural microbiome. In the last 10 years, the medical community has seen similar shifts, such as the recognition of the gut microbiome and its key role in overall health.

“iCarbonX and AOBiome share a mission to enable every individual to thoroughly manage their health and prevent disease. The fact that the AOB platform is poised to be the first FDA approved host regulated drug is a breakthrough in the concept of truly personalized medicine. That kind of groundbreaking work in biotechnology is at the heart of iCarbonX and its core values,” said Wang. BTIG served as a financial advisor to AOBiome during its fundraising efforts.

About AOBiome
AOBiome is a Boston and San Francisco based biotech company focused on transforming human health through products that restore ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOBs) to the body, which current hygiene practices have stripped from the modern human microbiome. Founded in 2013 by Patients Like Me founder Jamie Heywood and MIT Chemical Engineer David Whitlock the company is developing a novel class of therapeutics to improve skin health, hypertension, and other systemic conditions. AOBs convert ammonia to nitrite, an anti-microbial compound, and nitric oxide, a well-documented signaling molecule in the inflammatory process. AOBiome also owns the Mother Dirt branded line of consumer biome-friendly products targeted at restoring and maintaining the delicate balance of the skin biome. Learn more at